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Amazon Play Doh Quiz answers: Win flat 20% back on Play Doh (100 winners)

Amazon Play Doh Quiz Answers Today is now available on Amazon App in which it will ask you 5 questions. It comes with the fresh new set of questions under Amazon Fun Zone section. We have updated all the Play Doh Quiz Answers for you. The main benefit of this quiz is that, you’ll Win flat 20% back on Play Doh (100 winners).

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Let’s start with Wining Process…

Amazon Play Doh Quiz is not just a new addition to the app’s Funzone section, but it’s also a one-of-a-kind game. Amazon has introduced a number of new quizzes on its site that highlight essential features of cellphones, promote consumer gadgets and household appliances, or commemorate important occasions throughout the month, but this is the first time Amazon has recognised a product like Play Doh.

How To Play Play Doh Quiz?

  1. First, download the Amazon app from Google Play Store or Store Play Store.
  2. Now login or sign up on the Amazon app with your mobile number or email id and password.
  3. Then find Funzone on the search bar and click on it.
  4. Now you will see the Amazon Play Doh Quiz Banner.
  5. Answer the five questions correctly.
  6. Congratulations !! you will earn a chance to Win the flat 20% back on Play Doh (100 winners).

Amazon Play Doh Quiz Answers

  • Answer 1: 65
  • Answer 2: 26,896
  • Answer 3: Silver & Gold
  • Answer 4: 1986
  • Answer 5: Red, Blue, Yellow

Amazon Play Doh Quiz questions and answers

Question 1: 2021 marks _____ years for Play-Doh!

Answer: 65

Question 2: How many Play-Doh cans featured in the World Record for the largest plastic tub mosaic in Mexico

Answer: 26,896

Question 3: In 1996, which new compound colors were introduced by the Play-Doh brand

Answer: Silver & Gold

Question 4: The iconic yellow Play-Doh cans made its debut in…

Answer: 1986

Question 5: Which are first 3 colors of Play-Doh compounds launched back in 1956?

Answer 5: Red, Blue, Yellow

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Amazon Play Doh Quiz: answer and win flat 20% back on Play Doh (100 winners)

The Amazon Play Doh Quiz is today’s new addition to the Funzone area, and it’s a fun one because it’s about a product category we’ve never seen before. While smartphone-centric or product-centric quizzes are becoming increasingly popular and prevalent on the site, this quiz is all about Play Doh, and those who win the quiz will receive a flat 20% discount on their Play Doh purchase.

Amazon Play Doh Quiz: terms and conditions

  1. The lucky draw for this quiz will be carried out during the contest period.
  2. The winners will be informed on email or SMS to claim their flat 20% back on Play Doh (100 winners).
  3. The winners must have their mobile number verified with to claim the flat 20% back on Play Doh (100 winners).
  4. All the information shared in connection with the contest will be treated as per Amazon’s privacy notice.
  5. Your participation is considered as consent to use your image or likeness for promotion.
  6. This quiz is subject to force majeure circumstances.

Amazon Play Doh Quiz: winners list

Play Doh Quiz is being held from September 27th, 2021 to November 2nd, 2021. Amazon will select only one participant as the lucky winner and this lucky participant will get Honda City as the reward for answering all the questions correctly. The Play Dohs of the selected winners will be posted on this website. Amazon has not confirmed by when the flat 20% back on Play Doh (100 winners) will be delivered to the selected winner.

Amazon Quiz Play Doh Eligibility

You need to fulfil the following eligibility criteria to enter the Contest:

(a) You should be an individual legal resident of the Republic of India;

(b) You should have set India as your current country in your account settings on;

(c) You have a billing address within the territory of India;

(d) You should be of an age 18 years or above at the time of entry into the Contest; and.

(e) You should have a valid proof of identity and age in the form of a copy of your PAN Card / Driving License / Voter ID / Indian passport. Amazon’s employees, their immediate family members (spouses, domestic partners, parents, grandparents, siblings, children, and grandchildren), and Amazon’s affiliates, advisors, advertising/Contest agencies are not eligible to enter the Contest.

I hope this Amazon Play Doh Quiz Answers will help you to Win flat 20% back on Play Doh (100 winners). Best luck.


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