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Amazon Quiz – This is the flag of which country?

This is the flag of which country?

  • Mexico
  • Uruguay
  • Paraguay
  • Venezuela

Correct Answer is Mexico.

This is the flag of Mexico.

The Mexican flag is rich with national symbolism. The green strip depicts the Declaration of Independence. The purity of the Catholic faith is symbolised by the white stripe. The red stripe represents the blood of national heroes and the Spaniards who joined the fight for independence.

According to tradition, their god, Huitzilopochtli, instructed them to build their own city at a location where they would discover an eagle eating a serpent on the top of a cactus. According to folklore, the eagle was spotted on a small, swampy island in the midst of the shallow Texcoco lake.

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Answer 1: Insurance

Answer 2: Cameron Norrie

Answer 3: Timothee Chalamet

Answer 4: Bali

Answer 5: Mexico

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