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[Answer] Identify this iconic French dish.

Identify this iconic French dish.

Ratatouille is the correct answer. This iconic French dish is Ratatouille.

Remy, a rat, aspires to become a renowned French chef. However, he fails to realise that people despise rodents and will never enjoy a meal cooked by him.

24 June Amazon Quiz Time Answers

Q1. What first in India did Tvasta build at the IIT-Madras campus in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity’s Terwilliger Center for Innovation?

Answer 1: 3D-printed house

Q2. Which of these Indian companies features in the TIME 100 Most Influential Companies 2021?

Answer 2: byju’s

Q3. Yanbu Commercial Port is among the ancient ports on the Red Sea. In which country is it located?

Answer 3: Saudi Arabia

Q4. Identify this iconic French dish.

Answer 4: Ratatouille

Q5. What was the real name of this legendary boxer?

Answer 5: Cassius Clay

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