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AWS Management Console – How to use it?

AWS Management Console – Do you want to use it and Don’t Know how to use it. Don’t Worry! This post might help you out. I’m going to talk about the new AWS management console. Several students have reached out and mentioned that of course.

Hello Cashbackers, Let’s get started.

The Amazon AWS Console has changed the UI, so this is a helpful lecture where I’m going to demonstrate where to go and find the services.

As AWS services are the same in the new one as compared to the old one but only the UI is changed.

How to find AWS Management Console Services?

So once you log into the Amazon Management Console you are now going to see this particular screen so it’s divided into two sections:

·        the first one is the AWS services on your left

How to find AWS Management Console Services
aws management console

And now you can simply and easily find the service that you’re looking for.

So for instance, if you’re looking for any of these services that say s3 simply then type s3.

AWS management console All services

This is going to give you the drop-down menu and you can simply click on s3 glacier or s3 storage so forth.

So this is one of the ways, where you go ahead and find the service that you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for let’s say building management console just simply click on or type the word building.

amazon console s3
amazon console Find services s3

It’s gonna give you the drop-down.

So this is much easier right.

Previously it was just a clutter so to speak with all of these tools display it on one single screen but now they’ve simplified this.

Well, Yes if you’re used to the previous management console, this will take more time to get used to it but I find it simpler than ever.

Build a Solution – Amazon AWS Console

The second aspect is scroll down, you’ll notice it has different sections such as build is the solution, so you can get started with simple wizards and automated workflows.

Build a solution - amazon console aws

So this is the part where it conflicts Build the solution that contains a different tool such as

  • Launch a Virtual Machine
  • Build using Virtual servers
  • Connect to IoT Device
  • Register a domain and so on.

They have also categorized in the newer AWS management console.

Looking to Build a Website- Amazon Learning Console

If I scroll further down learn to build so if you’re looking to build websites.

If you’re looking to build machine learning models, big data analytics then, this section would apply to that requirement.

amazon console developer - build a website

So just give you the newer management console on the right side.

Explore AWS!

On the other hand, you have the List view of other services. As following screenshot. you may see the location of Explore AWS tab.

Explore AWS Amazon Management Console

You’ll still have the access resources to go or you can explore the AWS additional tools and services and you can learn more about them as well.

So a much simpler interface as compared to the previous one.

You can also expand by clicking on see more in any one of these categories right you additional tools similarly learn to build you can click on build with SDKs or use one of these tools as well.

For example, let me demonstrate one of these if I were to let’s say do a machine learning model or tool so simply go ahead and click on machine learning and this will navigate you directly to that page now from here on out.

amazon console
amazon console aws
amazon console table

You can then take a look at what exactly you’re looking for and get started.

Explore All the AWS Services in AWS Console

So let’s go back perfectly you need to look at all of the services by the way if you do not wish to use any of these categories simply click on all services expand all services and you will see under compute it will have all the tools under management governance.

amazon console
Amazon Aws Console

You have all of these tools and of course, it continues to add additional tools such as control tower aw strata is now under management governance previously some of these tools were not so you will find several changes within these tools set as well similarly security identity and compliance.

So if I scroll down you’ll see all of these services for learning let’s say if you’re building a DevOps pipeline then you’re looking at the developer tools so you can navigate a couple of ways right and take a look at all of these services or simply search for a service that you’re looking

So in this short lesson, I just wanted to demonstrate quickly the newer changes or the newer it up this management consoles feel free to reach out with any questions and comment below.

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