Before directing Newton, which film did Amit V. Masurkar direct?

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Before directing Newton, which film did Amit V. Masurkar direct?

Before directing Newton, the film that Amit V. Masurkar directed is Sulemani Keeda. Amit V Masurkar is an Indian film director and screenwriter. He directed the independent comedy film Sulemani Keeda. His second feature film, Newton was selected as the Indian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 90th Academy Awards.

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Daily Trivia 3 June Answers

Q1: In the film Namastey London, Katrina’s character is nicknamed

Answer 1: Jazz

Q2: Which actor played the role of Bharat BHushan in the Bheja Fry series of films?

Answer 2: Vinay Pathak

Q3: Which genre defining family did Brothers Kumar, Tulsi, Shaym and Kiran belong to?

Answer 3: Ramsay

Q4: Which House from the Game of Thrones Universe uses the motto: “Our Blades are sharp”?

Answer 4: Bolton

Q5: Before directing Newton, which film did Amit V. Masurkar direct?

Answer 5: Sulemani Keeda

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