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How to activate the call recorder on Xiaomi when calling

The call recorder feature is a feature that is very rarely found on Android phones. This feature is very helpful so that we can replay a telephone conversation with someone. Now for you Xiaomi users, you can activate call recorder on Mi via phone settings. So guys, in this post I’ll teach you how to activate the Call Recorder on Xiaomi Phone.

Apart from Xiaomi, I have tried the default call recorder feature on the Asus Zenfone. The call recording of the built-in feature is obviously very good than using a third-party application and the recorder not allowed warning will not occur if using the built-in recorder.

What is clear is that other people will not know that the conversation on the call is being recorded. The default phone recorder on Mi Phone is not active, if you want to activate this feature you can activate the feature earlier in the call settings.

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Or to make it clearer you can read this article to the end. Because this time I will explain how to activate the call recorder on Xiaomi. In just a few steps you can immediately activate the call recorder automatically.

I’m sure many people don’t know about this phone call recorder. A very useful feature that users rarely activate. Indeed, not all Android phones have this feature, but if your cellphone has this feature, it’s better to activate it.

Without further ado, you can just see the tutorial on how to activate the call recorder below. But before that, if you don’t know how to change ringtones on WhatsApp, you can read an article about changing notification ringtones in the WhatsApp application.

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How to activate Call Recorder in Xiaomi

Step 1 : Please open Call settings then select the Call Record menu

open Call settings
open Call settings

Step 2: Then turn on Automatically record calls

Call Record
Call Record

Step 3: Once activated, all outgoing and incoming calls will start recording automatically

Automatically record calls
Automatically record calls

Step 4: You can also activate or deactivate call recorder notifications

So that’s how to record phone calls automatically on Xiaomi. After this feature is activated, all calls will always be recorded automatically, whether you make calls or incoming calls from other people.

Hopefully, this discussion will be useful for those of you who don’t know how to activate the call recorder on Xiaomi. Actually, for other phones like Asus or Samsung, the settings are the same, namely in the call settings.

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