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[Working] How to Deactivate or Remove CoronaVirus Caller Tune

In this post, we’ll look for how to deactivate the corona caller tune method. Methods to stop the coronavirus caller tune. While you make a call, you came across the corona message. It is a good message, but after listening to it several times it makes us irritated. How to deactivate the corona caller tune in Airtel, How to remove coronavirus caller tune.

how to deactivate the corona caller tune method. Methods to stop the coronavirus caller tune.

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Nowadays, CoronaVirus is a trending topic. The number of patients in India is Increasing frequently.

Indian Telecom Operators have created a movement and due to which whenever you make a call, you come across the CoronaVirus CallerTune. Reliance Jio & BSNL have also changed their caller tune service From Default to CoronaVirus CallerTune.

Unfortunately this is the Most Irritating Sound I have ever heard but important.

What is CoronaVirus Caller Tune?

CoronaVirus Caller Tune is the local awareness message to the public of India. You can hear the message of “Helping People Message” continues by “You should wash your hands frequently. Also cover your mouth face, while coughing and sneezing”. Use tissue paper and throw it in a covered dustbin. Also, wash your hands with sanitizer.

Corona के दौर में जब आप कॉल करते हैं तो आपको सरकार की तरफ से एक अपील सुनने को मिलती है. वो अवाज है वॉयस ओवर आर्टिस्ट जसलीन भल्ला की.

Update: This method is working occasionally only & not every time during call.


  • Firstly, make a call to anyone in your contact.
  • Corona caller tune will start instantly after dailing.
  • Instantly Press the “1” or “#” from the keypad.
  • You can also press the key multiple times If it doesn’t work once.
  • Corona Caller Tune will stop & you will get regular caller tune.

Note – THis is Tested and Working in Airtel Sim & Vodafone SIM. In Reliance Jio & BSNL, the caller tune continues till the call end.

How to Deactivate or Remove CoronaVirus Caller Tune – Method 2

Works perfect for the Airtel SIM Card Users

Open your Dialer

Dial *646*224# and Press 1 to Deactivate


Stay Safe! Stay Home!

Nothing lasts forever. Not even the coronavirus.

Important Health Message- Check Corona Updates


1. Hand Wash

2. Cover Your Mouth & Nose

3. Consult A Doctor If Sick

4. Stay Indoors


5. Avoid Close Contact With Anyone

6. Do Not Spit

7. Avoid Using Public Transport

8. Do Not Use Over The Counter Medicines

9. Don’t Panic, Take It Easy

10. Don’t Touch Your Face


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