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During which war was this weapon first introduced?

During which war was this weapon first introduced?

  • A) World War I
  • B) World War II
  • C) French Revolutionary Wars
  • D) Napoleonic Wars

Correct Answer is World War I.

During World War I this weapon first introduced.

The machine gun, which was invented by an American, Hiram Maxim, was perhaps the most significant technological advancement during World War I. In 1914, the Germans recognised the country’s military potential and had a considerable number of troops ready to deploy.

Weapons for the trenches
– Weapons for the trenches.
– Grenades.
– Underground mining is a type of mining that occurs underground.
– Mortars and artillery.
– Machine-Guns.
– Poisonous Gas
– Rifles.
– Tanks and armoured vehicles are two types of armoured vehicles.

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