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How to earn money from Instagram, know what is the easy way?

Nowadays most people are present on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Instagram, which came in the year 2010, is a very popular platform. Crores of people are using this platform all over the world. We all share our photos and video on Instagram. Many users are always online here. But do you know how you can earn money from Instagram? Here is the solution.

From cricketer Virat Kohli to Amitabh Bachchan, there are many celebrities who earn lakhs of rupees from Instagram. Instagram provides a lot of services, including business accounts. Today we are telling you how you can create a business account on Instagram and how you can also earn a good amount from it. Whatsapp have updated their privacy policy, want to see Does WhatsApp Collects your Data, Learn Everything here.

How to Make Money from Instagram [Short Guide]

What is an Instagram Business Profile?

Instagram is an absolutely free platform. You can advertise on your Instagram page by making your business account here and earn money from them. Apart from this, when is your followers live online, what is their country and city. It is also known. You will also get information about which people have seen your posts and how many impressions have come. With this, your business can improve a lot. You can earn money from your Instagram Business account.

instagram business account walkthrough to make money from instagram

How to create an Instagram Business account?

  1. Firstly, open Instagram first. The page will open in front of you where sign up or log in will be written.
  2. Secondly, Here you will be asked for your phone number and email. You fill in the details and click Next.
  3. Now after filling in the name and password you will ask, click on next.
  4. Now you will see the list of friends when the page opens, or if you follow them, if not, then click on Next.
  5. Also, it will now ask you to connect to Facebook, if you want to do it or not, then click skip.
  6. After that, the option will come to add photos. You add a photo or click on skip.
  7. Now to save login info, you will say, click on save or skip.
  8. Your Instagram account has been created, now you have to change it to a business account.
  9. You will see three points here, click on them.
  10. Then click on the switch to a business account. Then click on continue.
  11. Here select your account category and click Next.
  12. See your information and click on Next.
  13. Choose your Facebook page or click skip.
  14. Now click on go to profile. Finally, your account has become a business account.
  15. Now approach the brands and start making money from Instagram.
instagram business account

After creating a business account on Instagram, you should bring traffic to it and promote your brand or product. This will benefit your business and finally, you can make money from Instagram. If you have more followers, the company will also approach you for your ad.


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