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Finnovationz Almost All Courses Stockmarket [Free Download]

Finnovationz Almost All Courses Stockmarket

1. Complete Stock Market by Finnovationz

Chapter 1 – Understanding the Technical Analysis

This chapter containing a total of 3 lectures is designed to give a detailed introduction to the method of Technical Analysis to the learners. Throughout this chapter, you get to learn about the difference between Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis, how technical analysis started and the basics of Candlesticks Patterns.

Chapter 2- Complete Guide to Candlestick Patterns

This chapter containing a total of 9 videos gives a thorough explanation of a number of Candlestick Patterns. These patterns are required for carrying out the technical analysis of a stock or share. These 9 lectures have covered all the important patterns and their significance as well.

Chapter 3- Concept of Indicators in Technical Analysis

This chapter contains a total of three lectures, where you get to learn about some popular concepts that are necessary to understand Technical Analysis. You get to learn about important indicators and concepts of Bollinger Bands in Technical Analysis as well as how to make use of these concepts while trading.

Chapter 4- Introduction to Derivative Market

This chapter containing 2 lectures explains the two types of markets. You get to know about the derivative market with the help of elaborative examples. The concept of the derivatives market has been discussed thoroughly.

Chapter 5- Futures

This chapter contains a total of 5 lectures. You get to learn about futures contracts and how it helps to get rid of the default risk. Know about the practical application of futures contracts and get acquainted with the terms like hedging, short selling, open interest, etc.

Chapter 6- Options

This chapter containing a total of 2 lectures gives complete information about options contracts and how it works. An in-depth explanation of concepts like call options trading, put options trading with the help of simple examples.


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