Flipkart Aage Kya Episode 41 Answers – Angry Young Man

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Today I’m going to show you all Aage Kya Flipkart Answers Episode 41. The episode is based on Angry Young Man and 3 questions asked on 7 May 2021. Also, this quiz contest is brought to you by Flipkart Video. The answers are 100% correct and legit. Funny ko banao funnier with the funniest four.

So what are you waiting for, go, and win exciting prizes!

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Flipkart Aage Kya Episode 41 Answers – 7 May 2021

Q1. What’s next?
Answer: Dinosaur puts the barbell down

Q2. What’s next?
Answer: Boy Jumps and enters the train

Q3. What’s next?
Answer: Man punches and break the TV

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