Flipkart Big Buzz Challenge 11 December Answers Updated [Exclusive]

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Today I’m going to show you all Flipkart Big Buzz Challenge 11 December Answers & Big Buzz Challenge Episode 9 Answers. The answers are 100% correct. In fact, one of our readers has won the Prize by playing Flipkart Big Buzz Challenge answers today. Finally, you can win free vouchers & super coins by answering all questions.

Flipkart Big Buzz Challenge 11 December Answers

Big Buzz Challenge Episode 9 Answers – Hottie Rubina

Q1: In the confession task who was the last contestant to go for confession ?

Answer 1: Kavita Kaushik

Q2: What was kavita say “yeh bataiye jo gaaliyon ka _

Answer 2: Putla Hai

Q3: According to eizaj which contestant in the house follows Aly

Answer 3: Rahul Vaidya

Q4: Which contestant was in 10th place in Asia’s sexiest 50 women 2017?

Answer 4: Rubina Dialik

Q5: Which contestant will be evicted in this week

a) Abhinav Shukla
b) Rubina Dilaik
c) Jasmin Bhasin
d) None of the above (Predict According To Poll)

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How To Play

Firstly, To participate in the Bigg Buzz Challenge Quiz, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Also, Download The Flipkart App from here On Your Device
  • Now, Open The Flipkart App
  • Finally, Head Over To The ‘Game Zone’ Section And Click On The Big Buzz Challenge Banner.

Big Buzz Challenge Episode 8 Answers – Aly ne bola anpadh?

  1. What did Ejaz steal from Nikki’s bedside?

Answer – Coffee

2. Aly said padh likh ke aaiye ________?

Answer – Anpadh hai aap

3. Who was the 1st contestant to reach red box during the nomination task?

Answer – Pavitra Punia

4. Which contestant has claustrophobia?

Answer – Aly Goni

5. Who will be evicted this week?(it’s a poll based question)

a) Abhinav Shukla
b) Rahul Vaidya
c) Nikki Tamboli
d) none of the above

Ans:- Abhinav Shukla (My Prediction)

Big Buzz Challenge Episode 7 Answers – Miss Shimla in the house

1. In the ‘Ek Tha Raha Ek Thi Rani’ task how much money did Nicky ask from Rahul to destroy the opponent team’s hearts?

Answer – 20000 BB Currency

2. What did Jaan say? ‘Tu Apna Kaam Kar Sabse Badi…….?

Answer – Two Faced Hai

3. Who according to Kavita is ‘Gunda’ of the house?

Answer – Aly Goni

4. Which contestant won ‘Miss Shimla’ Title in 2006?

Answer – Rubina Dilaik

5. Who Will Get Evicted This Week ?

Answer – None of the above ( My Prediction )

Big Buzz Challenge Episode 6 Answers – Mr. Punjabi in the house

  1. As which contestants special friend has Ali entered in the house?

Answer – Jasmin Bhasin

2. Jasmin said ‘ab fatega kal’ ?

Answer – Bomb

3. Which contestant won the title ‘Mr. Punjab’ in 2009?

Answer – Abhinav Shukla

4. What did Abhinav make Rubina eat to break her Karwa Chauth fast?

Answer – Kheer

5. Who will be evicted this week? (it’s a poll based question)

a) Niki Tamboli
b) Jaan Kumar Sanu
c)Kavita Kaushik
d) none of the above

Big Buzz Challenge Episode 5 Answers – Naina Da Kya Kasoor

1. Which Contestant Was Told By Nikki To Not Kiss Her?

Answer 1: Jaan Kumar Sanu

2. What Did Ejaz Says? Toh Ab Me Jaunga Andar Aur….?

Answer 2: Fatunga

3. Who Was The Only Contestant Who Did Not Vote For Nishant?

Answer 3: Naina Singh

4. Which Contestant Real Name Is Neha Singh?

Answer 4: Pavitra Punia

5. Who Will Get Evicted This Week ?

Answer 5: None Of The Above ( My Prediction )

Big Buzz Challenge Episode 4 Answers – Dil Garden Garden Hogaya

Q1: Who Did Kavita Save From The Nominations ?

Answer 1: Eijaz Khan

Q2: Rahul Said ‘ Tu Red Zone Se Chali Gayi Toh Mein_ ?‘

Answer 2: Pagal Ho Jaunga

Q3: How Many Instruments Does Jaan Sanu Play?

Answer 3: 35

Q4: What Did Jaan Wanted From Nikki In The Garden Area ?

Answer 4: Kiss

Q5: Who Will Get Evicted This Week ?

Answer 5: None Of The Above  (My Prediction)

Big Buzz Challenge Episode 3 Answers – Massage Sessions

Q1: Who Gave Rahul A Back Massage?

Answer 1: Nikki Tamboli

Q2: In One Of The Episodes Rahul Said – ‘Aise Hi Woh Tera_?

Answer 2: ATM Hai

Q3: What Is Nikki Tamboli’s Birth Date?

Answer 3: 21st August 1996

Q4: 4. What Is The Number Of Songs That Kumar Sanu Has Dedicated To His Wife?

Answer 4: 5

Q5: Which Contestant Will Be Evicted This Week?

Answer 5: None Of The Above 

Big Buzz Challenge Episode 2 Answers – What’s in a name?

Q1: Who Amongst The Following Is Hot According To Eijaz?

Answer 1: Gauhar

Q2: Why Did Nikki Break-Up With Her Ex?

Answer 2: Bore Ho Gayi

Q3: Which Contestant’s Real Name Is ‘Jayesh Bhattacharya’?

Answer 3: Jaan Sanu

Q4: In The Task ‘Mere Angane Me Tumhara Kya Kaam Ha’ What Did Gauhar Ask Rahul To Do?

Answer 4: 10 Swimming Laps

Q5: Which Contestant Will Be Evicted This Week?

Answer 5: None Of The Above

Big Buzz Challenge Episode 1 Answers – Challenge Excepted

Q1: Which Contestant Was The First To Cry This Season?

Answer 1:  Nikita Tamboli

Q2: ‘Agar Mein Kahu Ki Mein Paidaishi ____’

Answer 2: Janwar Hu

Q3: Which Contestant Rubbed ‘ Haldi ‘ On Sidharth’s Finger?

Answer 3: Pavitra Punia

Q4: Which Contestant Claims To Be A ‘ Heart – Breaker?

Answer 4: Nikitha Tamboli

Q5: Which Contestant Will Be Evicted This Week?

Answer 5: Rahul Vaidya (My Prediction)

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