Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Episode 102 Answers – Dental Hygiene

Correct Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Episode 102 Answers. You can win exciting prizes, gift vouchers, super coins by playing this quiz. This Episode is named as Dental Hygiene.

In fact, one of our readers has won the Prize by playing Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai. The answers are 100% correct. You can also see the latest Daam Sahi Hai Answers Today.

How To Play Daam Sahi Hai Episode 102

Firstly, To participate in the Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Quiz, you need to follow these simple steps:

Firstly, Download The Flipkart App from here On Your Device.

Then, Open The Flipkart App.

Finally, Head Over To The ‘Game Zone’ Section And Click On The ‘Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Quiz’.

Next find the S2E102 Dental Hygiene Flipkart Answers and below are the episode 95 answers.

Quiz Name:Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Quiz Episode 102
Prize:Vouchers, Super coins, and more
Quiz Date:16 August 2021
Quiz Time:12 AM to 11:59 PM

Daam Sahi Hai Episode 102 Answers – 15th August

Dental Hygiene Flipkart Answers

Is the MRP of Status Multicolor Polyester Carpet greater than or less than ₹ 3000
Answer: Greater than ₹3000

What is the MRP of GadgetM Back Cover for OnePlus 6T?
Answer: ₹ 999

What is the combined MRP of Colgate Pro-Clinical 150 Electric Toothbrush & Colgate Visible White Instant Toothpaste?
Answer: ₹ 1,137

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