Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Episode 81 Answers – Wireless Earbuds

Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Episode 81 Answers : Wireless Earbuds – Today I’m going to show you all Daam Sahi Hai Flipkart Answers Today for Episode 81 and you can win prizes. Name of the Episode is Wireless Earbuds. Finally, by correctly answering all of the contest’s questions, you can earn free coupons and super coins.

Every day, a new episode of Daam Sahi Hai is added to the Flipkart app’s Game Zone section. In each episode, three questions will be asked. Give correct answers to all three questions to win a random prize. Prizes may include Realme C3 or SuperCoins, which the contestant can redeem immediately after answering all questions at the end of the game by tapping on check reward or going to My rewards.

In fact, one of our users has won the LG Bluetooth Headset, ₹1000 & ₹50 Flipkart Gift Voucher (for 520 winners) & super coins by playing Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Contest. The answers are 100% correct. Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Episode 81 Wireless Earbuds Answers 26 July 2021 are given below.

How To Play Daam Sahi Hai?

  • Firstly, Download The Flipkart App from here On Your Device
  • Secondly, Launch The Flipkart App
  • Finally, Head Over To The ‘Game Zone’ Section And Click On The ‘Daam Sahi Hai Quiz Banner’
  • Also, see all the Daam Sahi Hai S2E81 Wireless Earbuds Flipkart Answers given below

Daam Sahi Hai Quiz Details

Quiz Name:Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Quiz Episode 81
Prize:LG Bluetooth Headset, ₹1000 & ₹ 50 Flipkart Gift Voucher (for 520 winners) & super coins
Quiz Date:26 July 2021
Quiz Time:12 AM to 11:59 PM

Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Episode 81 Answers

Short Answers:

Wireless Earbuds Flipkart Answers

Q1. Fill in the missing digits. The MRP of Samsung HW-T45E XL With wireless Subwoofer 200W Bluetooth Soundbar is ₹ 1 _ _ 9 _.

Answer 1: ₹ 14999 [Add – 4, 9, 9]

Q2. What product am I?

Answer 2: NKS Store Camera

Q3. Which of these Air Buds fits under the budget of ₹ 3800?

Answer 3: Oneplus Budsz Bluetooth Headset

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Requirements and Details

Daam Sahi Hai is a one-of-a-kind game contest in which the host will ask three questions about various products available on the Flipkart platform in each episode; users will compete in a total of three questions in each episode.
Users must choose one of the choices that best fits their needs.
Users who have completed the quiz will be able to see the results in my reward section in game zone.

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