Flipkart Kaun Who Did It Episode 1 Answers – The Escape

Are you looking Flipkart Kaun Who Did It Episode 1 AnswersThe Escape for Season 3. We have provided all the Kaun Episode 1 Answers for all seasons i.e. Season 3, Season 2, and Season 1. You can win exciting prizes, gift vouchers, super coins by playing Kaun Who Did It. This Episode is named as The Escape.

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Kaun is An Interactive Crime Show, where the narrative unfolds with the inimitable detective- Adi. The show will consist of stories that revolve around real-life murders, crafted like irresistible puzzles, designed to stimulate the viewers to go along with Adi and try to figure out the identity of the killer. Tempting them, challenging them to find the killer before Adi reveals him/her.

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How to Play Flipkart Kaun Who Did It?

Also, to participate in the Flipkart Kaun Who did it Season 3, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Firstly, download the Flipkart App from here on your device.
  • Then, open the Flipkart App.
  • Finally, head over to the ‘Game Zone’ section and click on the ‘Quiz Banner’.
  • Check below Kaun Flipkart answers Episode 1 The Escape and submit the same answers on the App.
Quiz Name:Flipkart Kaun Who Did It Quiz Episode 1
Prize:Vouchers, Super coins, and more
Quiz Date:22 November 2021
Quiz Time:12 AM to 11:59 PM

Kaun Who Did It Episode 1 Answers – Season 3

The Escape Flipkart Answers

Q1. Who helped Karmath Thind to escape?

Answer: None of the Above

Blast from the past Flipkart Answers

Q1. Who is the Killer?

Answer: Shiv S

Youtuber’s Murder Flipkart Answers

Q1. Who is the Killer?

Answer: Harwinder

Terms & Conditions

  • Flipkart Kaun Who Did It Season 3 is an interactive crime show where you join Detective Adi Bhagat & Inspector Malini to solve a new case every day and win exciting prizes!
  • Kaun Who Did It is a unique game Contest where the host will ask a murder question in every episode regarding various crimes occured in the episode;
  • Users will be Contesting a question in each episode
  • Users will have to select one of the options as deemed appropriate by them
  • The results will be available to the users who have completed the quiz, on the My Rewards section of the Contest.

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