Flipkart Prize Wali Paathshala Episode 9 Answers – Dhoom Machale!

Correct Flipkart Prize Wali Paathshala Episode 9 Answers and the episode is about Dhoom Machale!. You can win exciting prizes, gift vouchers, super coins so Play prize wali Paathshala contest now.

Flipkart Video is back again with Season 2 of Prize Wali PaathshalaPrize Wali Paathshali Home Edition is a Genaral Knowledge Quiz Show on Flipkart App here you have to give correct answers of 3 questions, and you will get 4 options for each question and you will get 15 seconds to select the correct answer.

The answers are 100% correct. You can check the latest Prize Wali Paathshala Flipkart Answers Today.

How To Play Flipkart Prize Wali Paathshala Episode 9?

Also, to participate in the prize wali Paathshala episode 9, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Firstly, Download The Flipkart App from here On Your Device.
  • Then, Open The Flipkart App.
  • Finally, Head Over To The ‘Game Zone’ Section And Click On The ‘Flipkart Prize Wali Paathshala Quiz’.
  • Next find the S2E9 Dhoom Machale! and below are the episode 9 answers.

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Flipkart Prize Wali Paathshala Episode 9 Answers

Dhoom Machale! Flipkart Answers

Which of these actors did not play the villan in the dhoom film series?
Answer: Uday chopra

Which korean boy band has a fan following called army?
Answer: BTS

What is the fear of colours called?
Answer: Chromophobia

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  • Prize Wali Paathshala is a unique game Contest where the host will ask 3 questions in every episode regarding various products available on the Flipkart Platform;
  • Users will be Contesting a total of 3 questions in each episode
  • Users will have to select one of the options as deemed appropriate by them
  • The results will be available to the users who have completed the quiz, on the My Rewards section of the Contest.