Flipkart Super Fan Quiz Answers & Win Vouchers – 10 October

Flipkart 10th Oct 2020 Super Fan Quiz Answers – Play And Win Vouchers And Gifts

Flipkart Super Fan Quiz, Flipkart Super Fan Quiz Answers 10 October 2020 Win Assured Prizes Today – Hey Cashbackers, We are always there to help you the Quiz Answers. Here Are All the Correct Flipkart Taapsee Pannu Answers for Todays Quiz.

Flipkart Super Fan Quiz Answers 10 October: Taapsee Pannu

Question 1:- The First Poster I Ever Put In My Room Was Of Which Actor?

Answer 1:- John Abraham

Question 2:- Who Am I More Scared Of?

Answer 2:- My Dad

Question 3:- What Is That One Habit I Just Can’t Get Rid Of?

Answer 3:- Nail Biting

Question 4:- If I Were To Get A Third Tattoo What Would That Tattoo Be?

Answer 4:- My Birth Date

Question 5:- Which Delhi Street Food Do I Miss The Most?

Answer 5:- Chole Bhature

Question 6:- I Am A

Answer 6:- Morning Person

Question 7:- In College I Developed An App Called FontSwap?

Answer 7:- TRUE

Question 8:- Once While Playing Badminton I Hit My Younger Sister So Hard On The Head That She Had To Go To The Hospital?

Answer 8:- FALSE

Question 9:- The First Film I Saw In A Movie Theatre Was ______

Answer 9:- Chotta Chetan

Question 10:- I Can Speak ____ Languages

Answer 10:- 5

Flipkart Super Fan Quiz Details: 9th Oct 2020

  • Quiz Date: 10th Oct 2020
  • Celebrity Name: Taapsee Pannu
  • Total Winner: only 1

How To Play Super Fan Quiz Flipkart Quiz

  • First Download the Flipkart App from Google Play Store(Android) or App Store(iOS)
  • Once done open and sign in
  • Click on the games section in the bottom menu
  • Scroll down and click on Super Fan Quiz
  • Click on that and answer all correct question

Rewards :

  • ₹1000 gift vouchers
  • ₹50 gift vouchers
  • Super coins for winners

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