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Fossil Gen6 has a heart rate tracker

Fossil Gen6 has a heart rate tracker. Continuous heart rate tracking with an improved sensor that works even better in more situations.

Fossil Gen6 has a heart rate tracker

  • A) Yes
  • B) No

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Correct Answer is Yes.

The new model also gets an SpO2 sensor for monitoring blood oxygen levels and an improved heart rate sensor for continuous heart rate tracking.

In terms of the health features, the watch comes with heart rate tracking, a new SpO2 sensor and more. It also comes with a speaker that will allow users to make and receive tethered calls. 

All Quiz Answers

Answer 1: (D) 6

Answer 2: (B) Faster

Answer 3: (B) 30

Answer 4: (B) TRUE

Answer 5: (B) Yes

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