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Google Pay Go India Colour Event Answers: Win up to ₹100 Cashback

Today I’m going to show you the correct Google Pay Go India Colour Event Answers. Google Pay Go India game is now live on Google pay App and many users can win rewards of up to Rs. 501 by collecting city tickets and also, completing the India map displayed within the Go India section of the app. Now, there is another quiz contest for three days within the app named Google Pay Go India Colour Knowledge Event. Haven’t seen Amazon Small Business Day Quiz Answers Updated [100% Correct]. Not yet.

Firstly, the Google Pay Go India Colour Event Quiz will be live on the app from December 7 to December 9. All you have to do is need to visit the city and submit the correct answers to the quiz during this period. If you give the correct answers to all the questions, then you will be able to get a scratch card of Rs. 100 from Google Pay.

How To Play Google Pay Go India Color Knowledge Event

Follow the below steps to play the Google Pay Go India Colour Event Quiz.

  • Step 1: Open Google Pay App and go to Go India section.
  • Step 2: Click on the Quiz and play the Google Pay Test Your Color Knowledge Quiz.
  • Step 3: Give correct answers and earn city tickets by completing the tasks in the Google Pay Go India contest.

Below are the tasks you need to do to get the city tickets. Also Read: All Flipkart Quiz Answers 8 December 2020

  • Firstly, you can share the Go India Map you completed or the city photo with your contacts on a daily basis.
  • Secondly, recharge a mobile number or DTH.
  • Also, pay for Google Pay Recharge QR Code.
  • Also, scan Google Pay QR codes at the nearest shop.
  • Thirdly, pay on the MakeMyTrip app.
  • Also, buy Gold from the app.
  • Finally, pay online or electricity bills.

Now, you can recharge the city and pay the Test Your Color Knowledge quiz.

Google Pay Go India Color Knowledge Quiz Answers

Below are the correct answers for the Google Pay Go India Color Knowledge quiz.

Q1: Alta, Kumkum and Sindoor – Part of many festivities are found in which color?

Answer: Red

Q2: Which state produces the most quantity of delightful yellow mangoes?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

Q3: Which Indian state has the highest green forest cover area wise?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Q4: Which of the following Indian cities is known as the Blue City?

Answer: Jodhpur

Q5: How many colors are there in the new Google Pay logo?

Answer: Four

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