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Google Pay Festive Quiz answers: Win cashback, Rs 399 off on Ajio and more

Google Pay Festive Quiz Answers Today is now available on Google Pay App in which it will ask you 5 questions. It comes with the fresh new set of questions under Fun Zone section. We have updated all the Google Pay Festive Quiz Answers for you. The main benefit of this quiz is that, you’ll Win cashback, Rs 399 off on Ajio and more.

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Let’s start with Wining Process…

With its own version of a holiday quiz, Google Pay is following Amazon’s lead. The Google Pay Festive Quiz is a quiz that uses the search giant’s payment infrastructure to test your knowledge about the forthcoming holiday season as well as the ongoing cricket season, popularly known as the ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup. On the Google Pay app, the quiz is only available for a limited time.

How To Play Google Pay Festive Quiz?

  • On the Google Pay app, you may play the Google Pay Festive Quiz.
  • This quiz may be found by going to the Google Pay app on your phone and scrolling down to the Promotions area.
  • The Google Pay Festive Quiz may now be found by going to the Offers section.
  • To take this quiz, go to the button that says “Take the festive quiz daily & get great rewards every day.”
  • Congratulations !! you will earn a chance to cashback, Rs 399 off on Ajio and more.

Google Pay Festive Quiz Answers

  • Answer 1: Ram and Sita
  • Answer 2: Two _ 50 over & 20 over
  • Answer 3: Water balloons
  • Answer 4: Kapil Dev
  • Answer 5: Ramesh

Google Pay Festive Quiz questions and answers

Question 1: Which two historical icons of India does Diwali celebrate the return of?

Answer: Ram and Sita

Question 2: How many types of World Cups are there in world cricket?

Answer: Two – 50 over & 20 over

Question 3: Which of the following do we NOT light up on Diwali?

Answer: Water balloons

Question 4: Who was the Indian Captain when we won the Cricket World Cup in 1983?

Answer: Kapil Dev

Question 5: What is the middle name of Sachin Tendulkar?

Answer: Ramesh

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Google Pay Festive Quiz: answer and win cashback, Rs 399 off on Ajio and more

The Google Pay Festive Quiz launches at a time when other platforms, such as Amazon India, are ramping up their own festive edition quizzes. Participants can win cashback, discount vouchers, or Google Pay vouchers by taking the quiz. Participants will be able to play this quiz on a daily basis, and it will be available on the app from 12 p.m. to 11.59 p.m. every day. Although it is unclear when the exam began, we do know that it will end on November 6, 2021.

Google Pay Festive Quiz: Prizes

  • Cashback: A cashback worth Rs 2 to Rs 20.
  • Google Pay voucher: A Google Pay voucher worth Rs 2 to Rs 20 that rewards users cashback when they complete an eligible payment on Google Pay.
  • Discount voucher: A discount voucher that rewards users with at least 3 percent off on third party goods and services.

Google Pay Festive T&C

  1. You must have a Google Pay account to become eligible for this offer.
  2. The transactions must be from unique Google Pay users and at least Rs 20 each to qualify.
  3. Multiple transactions from a single Google Pay user will be considered as one qualifying transaction.
  4. The ticket you earn will reveal a flat cashback reward or a “Better luck next time” message.
  5. You can start collecting daily stamps by receiving payments.
  6. Your cashback will expire after 45 days if you do not have an account linked.
  7. You can earn up to a total of Rs 9,000 per financial year across all Google Pay offers.
  8. Google Pay reserves the right to withdraw and or alter any terms and conditions of this offer or contest at any time without prior notice.
  9. Employees, interns, contractors, and office holders of Google LLC, their immediate family members, Google’s affiliates and subsidiaries or other persons professionally connected with the offer, are not eligible to participate.
  10. This offer is not available in the state of Tamil Nadu, as per the Tamil Nadu Prize Scheme (Prohibition) Act 1979.
  11. Google is not responsible for any goods or services that you purchase or receive from merchants, or for the contents of the merchant’s website

I hope this Google Pay Festive Quiz Answers will help you to Win cashback, Rs 399 off on Ajio and more. Best luck.


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