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Gum infections can complicate diabetes management?

Gum infections can complicate diabetes management. It’s TRUE.

Gum infections can complicate diabetes management?

  • A) TRUE
  • B) FALSE

Correct Answer is TRUE.

Uncontrolled diabetes results in greater blood sugar (glucose) levels in the oral fluids. This encourages the development of bacteria that can lead to gum disease. Infections from untreated periodontal disease, on the other hand, can raise blood sugar levels, making diabetes control more difficult.

More sugar in your saliva means a free feast for germs if you have uncontrolled diabetes. Plaque is formed when germs, saliva, and bits of leftover food clump together. It causes tooth decay and gum disease when it accumulates up. 19-Apr-2021

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Answer 1: (A) TRUE

Answer 2: (A) TRUE

Answer 3: (A) Killing infection causing anaerobic bacteria

Answer 4: (A) Sugar

Answer 5: (A) TRUE

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