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How many flavors of PediaSure 7+ are available?

How many flavors of PediaSure 7+ are available?

  • 2 (Chocolate & Vanilla)
  • 10
  • 15
  • 20

Correct Answer is 2 (Chocolate & Vanilla).

The PediaSure 7+ is available in 2 (Chocolate & Vanilla) flavors. Contains Vitamin K, manganese and FOS which helps in increasing Bone Mineral Density and absorption of calcium. Contains 29 nutrients, with 7 nutrients meeting 100% RDA and 11 bone nutrients which helps in bone strength and muscle mass.

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Answer 1: Bone Growth and Muscle Strength

Answer 2: 2 (Chocolate & Vanilla)

Answer 3: 7-14

Answer 4: Both oats & almonds

Answer 5: 1.5x


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