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How to Add a YouTube Subscribe Button to a Blog

One way to increase the number of views on YouTube videos is by increasing the number of subscribers. If you are a blogger who is also a YouTuber, then installing a YouTube Subscribe Button on your blog can be very helpful because it will be immediately visible to visitors.

Why is the number of subscribers important? As is well known, currently Youtube will only allow channels to be monetized by AdSense if the number of subscribers has reached 1,000 people and has reached 4,000 broadcast hours within 12 months. So if you can’t wait to make money from YT, maybe the subscribe button installed on this blog can help a little.

How to Add YouTube Channel Subscribe Button on Blogger

1. First, you need to know the YouTube channel ID. For that open the following address:

For that open the following address:

How to Add a YouTube Subscribe Button to a Blog
How to Add a YouTube Subscribe Button to a Blog

2. Then visit the Google Developers page which is located at

How to Add a YouTube Subscribe Button to a Blog
How to Add a YouTube Subscribe Button to a Blog

3. Enter the channel ID that was obtained earlier. Actually, you can only use the channel name. But I suggest just using an ID, just in case one day you want to change the channel name, then the YouTube subscribe button on Blogger doesn’t need to be edited anymore.

Views that can be set include:

  • Layout
    Default: only buttons.
    Full: Shows the photo and channel name.
  • Theme
    Default: white background color.
    Dark: dark gray background color.
  • Subscriber count

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Default: the number of subscribers shows.
Hidden: the number of subscribers is not shown.

4. Copy the script that appears. Save it on the blog in any position you want. Whether it’s in the sidebar, footer, header, or others. If successful, it will look like this (full layout type).

This method is much more practical and lightweight because it is only made using CSS and HTML. In addition, you can share the URL in question on various social media or forums because everyone who opens the URL will immediately become subscribers automatically. You can also use it as a YouTube Subscribe link for mobile.

Hopefully, the explanation above is clear enough and can help increase the number of subscribers to your channel. Don’t forget to follow my channel too.

YouTube Subscribe Button png

youtube subscribe button png
YouTube subscribe button png

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