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Lazypay Offer – Share and Win ₹1000 Cashback [Till 10 Dec]

LazyPay has come up with a new offer in which you can win up to ₹1000 cashback. Hello Cashbackers, we have got your back. All you have to do is share the scratch card with your friends and tell them to Sign Up on LazyPay. Now you can Play Games on our site and make money.

LazyPay offers users a unique credit limit of up to Rs. 1,00,000. Shop online across 100+ apps & websites, take an instant loan directly to your bank account, or make a large purchase on any partner merchant & pay in easy EMIs; it’s your credit you can do as you please!

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What is LazyPay Credit Limit?

LazyPay is India’s fastest way to get credit online. Just enter your mobile number and discover your unique credit limit. Once you’re through with the paperless KYC process, your credit is now available for use!

Everyone* has access to a unique credit limit, to use freely to:

  • Pay Later in One Tap at checkout, and enjoy an interest free credit period upto 15 days.
  • Take an instant loan to your bank account and conveniently repay using easy EMI options at affordable interest rates.
  • Instantly convert your purchases on partner merchants, into flexible EMI plans

All your spending are consolidated into one LazyPay bill, payable on the 3rd & 18th of each month.

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How to Win – Lazypay Cashback

  1. Click on this unique link and successfully sign up or create your account on the app. [On this link refers will win]

Scratch card 1 –

Scratch card 2 –

Scratch card 3 –

Scratch card 4 –

2. You will be redirected to Playstore to install the app

3. Create your account on Lazy.

4. Check your credit limit.

5. Scroll down and look for this banner and click on it.

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Lazypay Offer – Share and Win ₹1000 Cashback

6. You will see 4 scratch cards. Each Scratch card contains a cashback for you and your friends.

Lazypay scratch cards

7. Click on share button and send it on Whatsapp to your friends.

8. Tell them to sign up LazyPay.

9. You will successfully win a scratch card of Rs.1000

10. Done!

FAQ – LazyPay Cashback Offer

Who can scratch my cards?

Your friend that signs up on LazyPay for the first time ever and has used your link to install the app will be eligible to scratch your card. The friend must be offered a credit limit by LazyPay.

How many friends can I send 1 scratch card to?

You can send your scratch card to as many friends as you can. The first person to scratch a will win LazyCash. You will win the same amount your friends win. Share with more friends to increase your chance of success!

How do I win?

You will win the same amount as your friend when they scratch your card. For instance, if your friend scratches a scratch card you shared with them and reveals Rs.250 inside, then both you and your friend will win Rs. 250 each! You can share all four cards to win up to Rs. 1000 and more!

Terms and conditions:

  1. You will receive an assured LazyCash of up to Rs 250 on every scratch card scratched by your friend. The maximum LazyCash you can earn from this program is defined by the set of scratch cards and visible on the Share and win page.
  2. A friend invited by you will be able to scratch the card only if the friend downloads the LazyPay app using the scratch card share link, signs up on the app, and gets approved by LazyPay. This scratch card can only be scratched by ‘New to LazyPay’ users that have never signed up or transacted with LazyPay before.
  3. The friend will only be able to scratch the card if the friend gets a credit limit assigned by LazyPay and not waitlisted. Extending a credit limit is at the sole discretion of LazyPay.
  4. In case the friend you have shared your scratch card with has already registered or transacted with LazyPay ever before, the friend will not be eligible to scratch the card.
  5. A new user (friend) can scratch a maximum of 1 scratch card, in case the user clicks on multiple scratch card links the last scratch card in the last link clicked by the user before signup will be considered. Once the friend has signed up after clicking on the scratch card link, clicking a new scratch card link will not change the scratch card assigned.
  6. If you have shared the scratch card with multiple people, the first person to sign up using the link will be able to avail of the scratch card. To elaborate, a scratch card can only be scratched by a maximum of 1 person, once scratched the same scratch card cannot be used by another user.
  7. Expired scratch cards will not be reinstated under any circumstances.
    This offer is valid for select users only at the sole discretion of LazyPay. LazyPay and/or PayU Finance India Pvt. Ltd. has the sole right to modify, change, or withdraw this offer for any user at any time without prior notice at their sole discretion.
  8. The offer is valid only from 10th November to 30th November. The offer may be extended at the sole discretion of LazyPay
  9. This LazyCash will be adjusted from your LazyPay outstanding amount. LazyCash will not be applicable for canceled/refunded transactions
  10. The LazyCash credited will have a validity of 60 days. LazyPay reserves the right to revoke the LazyCash if unused after 60 days.
  11. In case of dispute, LazyPay reserves the right to a final decision on the interpretation of these Terms & Conditions.



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