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Natanz nuclear site is located in which country?

Natanz nuclear site is located in which country?

Natanz nuclear site is located in the country Iran. Natanz is a uranium enrichment facility approximately 250 km south of Tehran, the capital of Iran. The country’s top nuclear official says a nuclear facility in Iran was hit by “sabotage” a day after the new uranium enrichment equipment was unveiled.

It is located near a major highway, about 33 km NNW (33°43WN 51°43′E) from the city, which is generally recognized as Iran’s central facility for uranium enrichment with over 19,000 gas centrifuges. And about half of them are fed with uranium hexafluoride.

In April 2011, Iranian government official Gholam Reza Jalali said that an investigation had concluded that the United States and Israel were behind the Stuxnet attack. Frank Rieger said the intelligence agencies of three European countries agreed that Stuxnet was a joint United States-Israel effort.

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Question 2: Natanz nuclear site is located in which country?

Answer 2 –  Iran

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