PediaSure 7+ has the goodness of?

PediaSure 7+ has the goodness of?

  • Oats
  • Almonds
  • Hazelnut
  • Both oats & almonds

Correct Answer is Both oats & almonds.

PediaSure 7+ has the goodness of Both oats & almonds. Because of the presence of several critical nutrients, as well as the benefits of Oats and almonds, PediaSure 7+ aids in height gain, strength development, and brain development.

PediaSure 7+ is a specialist drink that contains High-Quality Protein as well as the goodness of Oats, Almonds, and other critical nutrients in the flavours of chocolate and vanilla.

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Answer 1: Bone Growth and Muscle Strength

Answer 2: 2 (Chocolate & Vanilla)

Answer 3: 7-14

Answer 4: Both oats & almonds

Answer 5: 1.5x

Amazon Quiz 9 December 2021 Answers

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