Who is Known as ‘Run-Machine’?

Daily Quiz QuestionsWho is Known as ‘Run-Machine’?
Sab asked 1 week ago

Q1. Who is Known as ‘Run-Machine’?

Virat Kohli is known as ‘Run-Machine’. Kohli is a run machine. Because Kohli scores in any format and matches any format. He also plays classic shots and cover drives. His mind works very positively and calmly while batting. Kolhi uses techniques. He scored the most centuries. So Virat is named Run Machine. He has a hunger for big scores that have worked in India’s favor over the past decade. From a talented youth, Virat evolved into a new sensation and then became a modern-day. By the time he retires, he must have been a legend. In fact, some would say that Virat Kohli already is.

Answer – Virat Kohli