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Singer Sona Mohapatra is married to which music director?

Singer Sona Mohapatra is married to which music director?

Ram Sampath is the Correct Answer. Singer Sona Mohapatra is married to the music director Ram Sampath.

Ram Sampath is married to Sona Mohapatra, a musician who is also his regular collaborator and business partner at OmGrown Music. The pair is currently based in Mumbai. They met in 2002, while she was still working for Marico as a brand manager.

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Question 1) Singer Sona Mohapatra is married to which music director?

Answer: Ram Sampath

Question 2) George Harrison, the English musician, was from which famous band?

Answer: The Beatles

Question 3) Bates Motel is the setting for most of the plot of which Alfred Hitchcock film?

Answer: Psycho

Question 4) The iconic TV show Buniyaad was directed by which film director alongside Jyoti Sarup?

Answer: Ramesh Sippy

Question 5) Which ex-wrestling star starred as Gaurd Dunham in the movie The Longest Yard?

Answer: Steve Austin

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