Sirf Ek Minute Episode 90 Answers 13 October 2021

Sirf Ek Minute Episode 90 Answers India ka Newton

Flipkart Video is back with a New Game Show Sirf Ek Minute. In this Quiz you have to give correct answers of all 6 questions in 1 Minute, You will get 10 seconds to give correct answer of each question. Its a race against ! Yahan jald-se-jald jawab doge, toh hi jeetoge! Watch, play, and win on ‘Sirf Ek Minute’

Sirf Ek Minute Quiz Details

  • Quiz – Sirf Ek Minute
  • Date & Time – 12 A.M Everyday
  • Quiz Based on – General Knowledge
  • Quiz Available On – Flipkart App – Game Zone
  • Rewards – Gift Vouchers & Supercoins
  • Results Declared – Immediately

How to Play Sirf Ek Minute Quiz

1. Download Flipkart App from Google Play Store (android users) or Apple Store (ios users)

2. Sign up or Log In to Flipkart App.

3. Click on the Game Zone Icon in Flipkart App.

4. Search Sirf Ek Minute Quiz.

5. Click on ‘Sirf Ek Minute’ Banner

Note – Answers are updated Everyday at 12 A.M

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Episode 90 Answers 13 October 2021

Here are all the correct answers of Sirf Ek Minute Episode 90 India ka Newton

Q1: Kangana Ranaut is portraying which politician in the movie Thalaivi?

Answer 1: (D) J. Jayalalitha

Q2: Birds often fly in the formation of which of these letters to save energy?

Answer 2: (A) V

Q3: Which of these brands is named after a woman?

Answer 3: (A) Chanel

Q4: The name of who among these is also the title of a movie starring Rajkumar Rao?

Answer 4: (D) Newton

Q5: Which of these is a city as well a country?

Answer 5: (B) Singapore

Q6: In which of these years did India have three prime ministers?

Answer 6: (B) 1996

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