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The movie ‘Shadow of the Cobra’ is based on which man’s life?

The movie ‘Shadow of the Cobra’ is based on which man’s life?

The movie ‘Shadow of the Cobra’ is based on Charles Sobhraj‘s life.

The film “Shadow of the Cobra” is based on the life of Charles Sobhraj. Shadow of the Cobra is a 1989 television film based on Richard Neville and Julie Clarke’s book The Life and Crimes of Charles Sobhraj. Rachel Ward and Michael Woods, two journalist lovers, travel to India and Thailand in the 1970s to investigate Charles Sobhraj (Art Malik), an arrogant mass murderer.

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Flipkart Trivia 15 June Answers

Question 1:- Which Aamir Khan starring film was also produced by him?

Answer 1:- Lagaan

Question 2:- The movie ‘Shadow of the Cobra’ is based on which man’s life?

Answer 2:- Charles Sobhraj

Question 3:- In which of these movies do aliens come to earth?

Answer 3:- Independence Day

Question 4:- Who was Sanjay Dutt’s co-star in his debut film Rocky?

Answer 4:- Tina Munim

Question 5:- Which is the first Bollywood film to premiere at Leicester Square?

Answer 5:- Life In A… Metro


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