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The weight of Fujitsu UH-X laptop is 878g.

As a result, the FUJITSU UH-X Thin and Light laptop is India’s lightest Thin and Light consumer notebook, weighing only 878g.

The weight of Fujitsu UH-X laptop is 878g.

  • A) TRUE
  • B) FALSE

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Correct Answer is TRUE.

True, The weight of Fujitsu UH-X laptop is 878g.

The Fujitsu convertible laptop weighs little under 1 kg and has a starting price of Rs 86,990, thanks to all of these components. Elastic resin is used to safeguard vulnerable areas all around the laptop in the UH-X thin and light. During manufacture, the ultrabook is subjected to a 200kgf entire surface pressure test, a 35kgf one point pressure test, and a 76cm drop test. The laptop’s chassis is built of Magnesium Alloy, which the firm claims has a strength advantage over iron or aluminium.

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