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This dance form originated from which country?

This dance form originated from which country?

  • A) Brazil
  • B) Colombia
  • C) Argentina
  • D) Spain

Correct Answer is Spain.

This dance form originated from Spain.

Spain’s flamenco dance (also known as baile) is a highly expressive dance form. Flamingos perform as a solo act, and are known for their clapping hands, percussion footwork, and sophisticated body movements. Musicians sing and play guitar to accompany the dance.

Song, dance and music all convey passion in Flamenco, a difficult type of art. Another aspect of it is that it is an art form that is constantly evolving. A constant upgrade is therefore required in Spain.

Flamenco, with its swooshing costumes, booming stares, and flowing improvisations, is one of the most instantly recognisable dances in the world.

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