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This is a picture of what? – Amazon 4 June Quiz

This is a picture of what?

This is a picture of Tallest grass. Dragon bamboo also known as giant bamboo or giant Burmese bamboo- Dendrocalamus giganteus is the tallest known grass in the world. Under favorable conditions, it can grow to a maximum height of 40–45 m with an average height of 20–25 m.

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Question 1- Widely in news, what medical condition describes an absence of enough oxygen in the tissues to sustain bodily functions?

Answer 1 : Hypoxia

Question 2: Miguel Díaz-Canel is serving as the first secretary of the Communist Party in which country since 2021?

Answer 2 –  Cuba

Question 3: ISRO is going to execute the Lunar Polar Exploration Mission (LUPEX) with which other space agency?

Answer 3 – JAXA

Question 4: With respect to the solar system, what is NOT true about this planet?

Answer 4 – It is the coldest planet

Question 5: This is a picture of what?

Answer 5 – Tallest grass

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