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This painting shows which two fictional characters?

This painting shows which two fictional characters?

  • Tintin and Captain Haddock
  • Sherlock Holmes and John Watson
  • Hercule Poirot and Captain Hastings
  • Sherlock Holmes and Inspector Lestrade

Correct Answer is Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

This painting shows the two fictional characters Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Holmes and Watson’s relationship. For as long as they have been in print, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson have been regarded as the ultimate collaborators. Their bond goes far deeper than meets the eye; they are more than just business partners or friends to each other.

He is a house doctor, personal physician, and biographer of Sherlock Holmes in 1889. (Ben Syder). Watson is depicted as easily perplexed by Holmes’ powers in this storey, however the storey is set in 1881, the same year as A Study in Scarlet, which may account for this.

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Answer 1: (B) Shoaib Akhtar

Answer 2: (A) JK Rowling

Answer 3: (A) Meta

Answer 4: (D) Belgium

Answer 5: (B) Sherlock Holmes and John Watson


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