Vu is known for which type of TVs?

Vu is known for Luxury TVs, High End TVs & Android TVs.

Vu is known for which type of TVs?

  • A) Luxury TVs
  • B) High end TVs
  • C) Android TVs
  • D) All options

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Correct Answer is All options.

Vu is recognised for its luxury televisions, high-end televisions, and Android televisions.

Vu TV is a ten-year-old desi company that could be a potential contender for India’s top cheap LED TVs. Even in the premium TV sector, Vu TV is taking the bull by the horns, taking on TV behemoths like Samsung, Sony, and LG.

The VU Premium Android TV is simple to set up and may be done using a smartphone or straight through the television.

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