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What %age of Adult Height is achieved by age of 6 ?

60% age of Adult Height is achieved by age of 6.

What %age of Adult Height is achieved by age of 6 ?

  • A) 30
  • B) 10
  • C) 60
  • D) 20

Correct Answer is 60.

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There was no evidence that developing the weight-for-length/height standards necessitated a length/height transformation similar to that outlined for age. The median and variance curves were modelled using the same method as the first two standards. The final model’s results for girls’ weight-for-length/height revealed that kurtosis modelling may be used to evaluate potential improvements in the curves.

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Answer 1: Arginine and Vitamin K2

Answer 2: 60

Answer 3: Better Immunity

Answer 4: 90 days

Answer 5: 37

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