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What colour is the cue ball in this game?

What colour is the cue ball in this game?

The colour of cue ball in this game is white. They are typically colored as follows: Whitecue ball for player 1. White with a spot or solid yellow: cue ball for player 2. Red (occasionally blue): object ball (four-ball uses an extra object ball.)

Q1. Project CLAP is a cleanliness drive launched by which state government?

Answer 1: Andhra Pradesh

Q2. In May 2021, who won the Portuguese Grand Prix?

Answer 2: Lewis Hamilton

Q3. On the occasion of the centenary of which famous Indian’s birth is ‘Another Dozen Stories’ being translated into English?

Answer 3: Satyajit Ray

Q4. In which book of Shakespeare, is this herb mentioned as ‘for remembrance’?

Answer 4: Hamlet

Q5. What colour is the cue ball in this game?

Answer 5: white

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