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What country is also known as ‘The Land of the Blue Sky’?

What country is also known as ‘The Land of the Blue Sky’?

Mongolia is also known as ‘The Land of the Blue Sky’. Mongolia is known as the land of blue skies. The reason for this is not simply a dry climate that does not promote cloud formation and rainy days. Additionally, the landscapes are expansive and you can see far beyond the horizon, deepening the experience of looking at the blue sky all around.

Destination Mongolia, a large and sparsely populated, landlocked country in East Asia, to the south of Russia and to the north of China, to the east of Kazakhstan. The country is known as the “Land of Eternal Blue Skies” and “Land of Horses”.

Nature – Mongolia boasts a wide range of birds, fish and mammals, but is perhaps best known for the Siberian ibex, snow leopard, goby bear, wild Bactrian camel and Przewalski’s horse. 8. Landscape – The Land of the Blue Sky has a widely varied topography and the most dramatic landscapes.

Around the Globe Geography Amazon Quiz Question and Answers:

Question 1: What country is also known as ‘The Land of the Blue Sky’?

Answer: Mongolia

Question 2: What city is known as the Chocolate Capital of the United States?

Question 3: Which city is known as Garden city of India?

Answer: Bengaluru

Question 4: The seven states of the North East are known as the “seven sisters”. Which of the following states is the largest among the seven sisters?

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

Question 5: Which country is also referred to as ‘Hellas’?

Answer: Greece

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