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What is Harry Potter’s owl’s name?

What is Harry Potter’s owl’s name?

Harry Potter’s owl’s name is Hedwig. Harry chose the name Hedwig after a character he read about in A History of Magic. Harry avoided the Dursleys by keeping in his room in the days leading up to his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hedwig, his only companion at 4 Privet Drive, stayed with him throughout this period.

Q1. Which is the National animal of Scotland?

Answer 1: Unicorn

Q2. What is Harry Potter’s owl’s name?

Answer 2: Hedwig

Q3. Which sport has been played on the moon?

Answer 3: Golf

Q4. Where was the first solid chocolate bar made?

Answer 4: The UK

Q5. What color is an aircraft’s black box?

Answer 5: Orange

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