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What is January’s gem? Amazon Quiz

What is January’s gem? is the fourth question asked in January Edition Quiz. Firstly, by participating in this quiz you can earn a chance to win Rs 75,000 (1 winner). We have provided all the 5 correct answers to quiz below. You can find all the answers to this quiz at bottom.

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What is January’s gem? Amazon Quiz

Q4. What is January’s gem?

Correct Answer is Garnet.

Garnet is January’s gem. Those born in January are fortunate to receive garnet as their birthstone, which is both gorgeous and diverse. Garnets are most typically red, but they also occur in a wide variety of other colours, including orange, yellow, purple, and brilliant green.

The name “garnet” comes from the Middle English word gernet, which means “dark red” in the 14th century. The name comes from the Latin word granatum, which means “seed,” and refers to the gemstone’s likeness to the pomegranate’s crimson seeds.

Garnets (/rnt/) are a category of silicate minerals that have been used as gemstones and abrasives since the Bronze Age. Garnets have similar physical qualities and crystal formations, but their chemical composition varies.

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All Quiz Answers

Answer 1: Romans

Answer 2: New Beginnings

Answer 3: Carnations

Answer 4: Garnet

Answer 5: Shakespeare

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