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What is meaning of Sanskrit word ‘Yoga’?

The Sanskrit term ‘Yoga’ means Union. Yoga is a Sanskrit term derived from the root “yuj,” which meaning “to unite.” Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means “unity.” Yoga is comparable to the English word “communion” in many aspects. It denotes a condition of connection or communion with God, one’s real Self, or a higher power.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means “unity.” This is sometimes translated as the union of body and mind, which is an important aspect of yoga, but it also refers to the unification of other elements such as breath and energy, hard and soft, and soul and body.

What is meaning of Sanskrit word ‘Yoga’?

Correct Answer: Union

Yoga Quiz Time Answers

Question 1: What is meaning of Sanskrit word ‘Yoga’?

Answer: Union

Question 2: Which Veda mentions the elements of yoga?

Answer: Rig veda

Question 3: India celebrated its first International yoga day on _____ ?

Answer: 21-Jun-2015

Question 4: How many steps are there in one Surya Namaskar round?

Answer: 12

Question 5: What is the name of this Asana?

Answer: Vrikshasana

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