Amazon LG Quiz Answer – What is the name of LG Party Speaker Series?

What is the name of the LG Party Speaker Series? is the First Question of the LG XBOOM OK55 Quiz. The LG XBOOM OK55 Quiz is Organized by Amazon. This Quiz Can be played only on Amazon App.

LG XBOOM OK55 Quiz Answers

What is the name of LG Party Speaker Series?

Answer – LG XBOOM

You can record your own Karaoke Song with LG XBOOM.

Answer – TRUE

The LG XBOOM handy has __ and battery backup for outdoor usage.

Answer – Wheels

Which of the following can be used to control the LG XBOOM speaker?

Answer – Mobile App

Which of the following describes LG XBOOM party speaker?

Answer – All Of The Above

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