What is the tagline for OnePlus Nord Buds?

Amazon OnePlus Nord Buds Quiz

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What is the tagline for OnePlus Nord Buds? Amazon Quiz

Correct Answer is Let the beat drop.

Let the beat drop is the tagline for OnePlus Nord Buds. The OnePlus Nord Buds design unveiling is enhanced by the fact that we’re also getting our first glimpse at its charging case today. These fully wireless earbuds will have a flattened-out stem and semi-in-ear design. It appears like the tips are composed of silicone.

At the top, where the stem joins the tips, there is a shiny round region. It’s unclear if it’ll be clickable or equipped with touch sensors for control. The charging case is designed in the same manner as the buds. It will have a front-facing LED light indication as well as USB Type-C charging. Sweat resistance has also been proven for the buds.

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All Quiz Answers

Answer 1: True Wireless Earbuds

Answer 2: 30

Answer 3: All of the above

Answer 4: Let the beat drop

Answer 5: TRUE

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