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What is this bird called? – Amazon Quiz

What is this bird called? – Amazon Quiz

  • Hornbill
  • Falcon
  • Kingfisher
  • Albatross

Correct Answer is Hornbill.

This bird is called as Hornbill, (family Bucerotidae), any of the approximately 60 species of Old World tropical birds that comprise the Bucerotidae family (order Coraciiformes). They are distinguished by the presence of a bony casque, or helmet, surmounting the large bill in a few species.

The hornbill is an important bird as well as a cultural emblem for the people of Sarawak, particularly the Dayak communities. The state’s emblem is the Rhinoceros hornbill, the most well-known of the species. Hornbills represent the spirit of God to the Dayaks, and they must be treated with care.

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Answer 4: Hornbill

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