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What kinds of stains does Colgate Visible White O2 remove?

What kinds of stains does Colgate Visible White O2 remove? is the third question asked in Amazon Colgate Smile O2 Quiz. Firstly, by participating in this quiz you can earn a chance to win Rs 5,000 (20 winners). We have provided all the 5 correct answers to quiz below. You can find all the answers to this quiz at bottom.

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What kinds of stains does Colgate Visible White O2 remove?

Correct Answer is Both Intrinsic and Surface stains.

The Colgate Visible White O2 removes Both Intrinsic and Surface stains.

The new whitening product, which contains millions of active oxygen bubbles, lightens stains on the teeth from the inside out, rather than just on the surface.

A stain on the outside of the tooth is known as an extrinsic stain. These stains settle on your enamel, which is the hard outer covering of your tooth that covers the softer dentin below.

Despite the fact that enamel is the toughest component of the tooth, it comes into touch with everything you eat or drink and can absorb some of the colour over time, resulting in staining. The good news is that extrinsic stains do not penetrate the enamel and reach the interior portion of the tooth, making them easier to remove!

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All Quiz Answers

Answer 1: Active Oxygen

Answer 2: 3 Days

Answer 3: Both Intrinsic and Surface stains

Answer 4: Aromatic Mint and Peppermint Sparkle

Answer 5: All of the above

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