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What picture technology did Vu TVs invent?

Vu TVs invented Pixelium Glass Technology picture technology.

What picture technology did Vu TVs invent?

  • A) Toughened Glass Technology
  • B) Gorilla Glass Technology
  • C) Unbreakable Glass Technology
  • D) Pixelium Glass Technology

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Correct Answer is Pixelium Glass Technology .

Pixelium Glass Technology is a visual technology invented by Vu TVs.

Vu unveiled the Vu Cinema TV this week, designed for OTT video binge-watchers and movie aficionados. The 4K UHD Cinema TV, as the name implies, provides a more cinematic experience with a sophisticated and outstanding audio system that includes a 40W Tweeter and Soundbar, as well as Dolby compatibility.

Vu’s high-performance optical panel with Pixelium Glass Technology improves light reflection by 40% and brightness by 500 nits in the Vu Cinema TV.

For those who despise typing on smart TVs, the Cinema TV includes a new ActiVoice remote that works with Google Assistant and allows you to manage the TV with your voice.

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Answer 1: Jan-20

Answer 2: Motion estimation, Motion compensation

Answer 3: Pixelium Glass Technology

Answer 4: View

Answer 5: All options

Answer 6: Tirupati

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