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What type of product did this company sell and rent out when it first started operations?

What type of product did this company sell and rent out when it first started operations?

  • A) DVDs
  • B) Toys
  • C) Comic Books
  • D) Music CDs

Correct Answer is DVDs.

This company sell and rent out DVDs when it first started operations.

Netflix began renting DVDs via mail in April 1998. Just one year later, Netflix switched from a pay-per-use subscription-based business. Fast-forward nearly a decade, and Netflix has evolved into a streaming service, which has radically changed the way millions of people spend their leisure time

Netflix just began renting DVDs by mail in April 1998, a year after the service was launched. It was a risky move because VHS dominated the market and DVDs were still a relatively new technology. Hastings and Randolph both took a leap of faith, regardless of the outcome.

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A year later, however, Netflix decided to separate the DVD collection from its principal platform, establishing streaming on-demand as the new norm.

Some Netflix movies and television episodes can now be streamed directly to customers’ homes via the Internet since 2007. It was included in most subscription levels that the streaming service was available to all users.

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