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When was year in which Fujitsu brand was established?

Fujitsu brand was established in the year 1935. Fujitsu Limited was formed in Tokyo as Fuji Tsushinki Manufacturing Corporation, a telecommunications equipment manufacturer. It was a joint venture between the Fuji Electric Company’s communications section and the German Siemens Corporation.

When was year in which Fujitsu brand was established?

  • A) 1920
  • B) 1935
  • C) 1960
  • D) 1970

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Correct Answer is 1935.

Founded in 1935, Fujitsu first established its position in the European IT market via its decades-long cooperation with Siemens, which then evolved into Fujitsu Technology Solutions.

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Answer 1: 1935

Answer 2: Tokyo

Answer 3: 180

Answer 4: 2

Answer 5: TRUE

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