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Where was the first ever Test Match played?

Where was the first ever Test Match played?

The first ever Test Match was played at Melbourne Cricket Ground. The first cricket match at the venue was played on 30 September 1854, while the first inter-colonial cricket match to be played at the MCG was between Victoria and New South Wales in March 1856.

The first Test match, played by the two national teams, was between Australia and England with Australia’s victory at Melbourne in 1877.

test of the best Cricket Amazon Quiz Question and Answers:

Question 1: India will play the World test Championship final in England against which team?

Answer: New-Zealand

Question 2: Who was the first player to score a Test century?

Answer: Charles Bannerman

Question 3: Where was the first ever Test Match played?

Answer: Melbourne Cricket Ground

Question 4: Who was the first captain of Indian Test team?

Answer: C K Nayudu

Question 5: Which batsman scored the first-ever Test match triple hundred?

Answer: Andy Sandham

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