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Where were the 1992 edition of these games held?

Where were the 1992 edition of these games held?

The 1992 edition of Olympic games held in Barcelona.

Egerszegi won three gold medals in the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain, the most by any woman in individual events. She set Olympic records in both backstroke events and won the 400-meter individual medley.
She won gold in the 200-meter backstroke and bronze in the 400-meter individual medley at the Games.

Q1. Recently launched ‘Mayflower 400’ is the world’s first unmanned what?

Answer 1: Ship

Q2. The Bench, narrating the special relationship between father and son, is the first children’s book written by which famous personality?

Answer 2: Meghan Markle

Q3. Which country’s first Mars rover is named ‘Zhurong’?

Answer 3: China

Q4. If the Greeks called him Poseidon, what did the Romans call him?

Answer 4: Neptune

Q5. Where were the 1992 edition of these games held?

Answer 5: Barcelona

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